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Acquire Your Dream Properties With Honor;
And Enjoy Them

With Pride

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Yvon Services Immobiliers 


A multidisciplinary network of experts, Yvon Services Immobiliers (YSI) was created in 2010 with two main objectives:

 1)We protect our clients from the daily scams that affect the real estate and/or land systems;

2) Facilitate access to services and real estate by being thoughtful and transparent.

The experts we hire make sure your interests are safeguarded and your investment is protected against land disputes roiling the country. All goods purchased through YSI must pass six mandatory checks.

Your investment in the property of your dreams is secure with YSI.

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Invest Smartly

Invest with YSI because we believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. Learn more about our investment opportunities here.

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I am really impressed by Yvon Services Immobilier’s (YSI)’s professionalism as well as their level of integrity. I have bought a property through this office while I am abroad. They have taken great care of all legal aspects including preparing the land tenure at a surprising cost.  As the end of the process, I was even more surprised to be reimbursed a sum of US $ 350 which was unspent.  I would recommend YSI with an open heart, to anyone who would like to do business with a serious enterprise that combines transparency while upholding legality. Nadia



I am Géraldy Destin, painter. I sold a property through Yvon Services Immobiliers. I can only congratulate this team for its seriousness, the quality of service and the degree of professionalism with which my file was handled. I recommend Yvon Services Immobiliers to anyone who believes in excellence and righteousness.



My name is Lima Benjamin, an entrepreneur who has made two transactions with Yvon Services Immobiliers (YSI). I am really satisfied with their approach, which is very professional. I fully recommend Yvon Services Immobiliers to any entity that intends to combine trust, honesty, and professionalism in this area.

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