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Who We Are

Yvon Services Immobiliers (YSI) is  a multidisciplinary network of experts created in 2010 with a dual objective:

• Protect our clients from daily scams of the land and/or real estate system;

• Facilitate access to services and real estate in a thoughtful and transparent manner.

With YSI, you buy and invest in the properties of your dreams with confidence!

To better defend your interests and protect your investment from land disputes ravaging the country, we hire respected legal experts. All goods purchased through YSI undergo 6 mandatory checks. 

Our Vision

To be the most credible ideal reference company in investment, development of real estate projects and the defense of the interests of our clients.

YSI attaches the utmost importance to its founding values. Regardless of the financial costs, these values ​​must be respected and maintained within this institution with fervor:

Participatory growth: YSI invests in the development of each of its employees. Each employee, in return, invests himself as a team, in the growth of his colleagues and that of YSI through the sharing of skills that will facilitate the achievement of the set integrated performance indicators. Respect: We treat every employee/colleague, client, partner, and investor with respect and understanding without interfering with their privacy. Confidence: We work hard to establish within our team a friendly atmosphere of trust where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and sharing their concerns/challenges in the performance of their duties. Verifiable transparency: Our transactions are carried out transparently and any doubt may give rise to a team verification request to clarify potential inconsistencies.

Environmental Imperative: Our projects respect environmental standards and take into account the protection of our natural resources. Integrated Urbanization: YSI works in collaboration with the authorities to integrate the challenges of urbanization into its projects and we have the moral responsibility to: - Refuse any offer of an anarchic project that does not comply with technical and/or urbanization standards; - Work on an anarchically completed project if and only if the client agrees to improve it during our technical intervention. Thoughtful legality: Before proceeding with any business/investment, we take care to scrupulously check the related files on a legal basis to protect our clients, investors, partners, and employees from potential litigation. Quality: We invest in high-end tools, new technologies, and qualified personnel in order to provide service of impeccable quality.

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