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The Yvon Investissement Immobiliers (YI 2) investment mechanism is a fair and reliable investment, which allows you to:

Acquire your dream properties with honor;

and enjoy them with pride


Up to 15% discount/discount on the purchase of YSI-owned property

Up to 10% reduction on design, supervision and engineering costs

Up to 15% annual interest on dream accounts blocked for 2-5 years

Free Investment

Free investment
An account opened under
form of free savings,
where you can drop off and
get your money
at any time.

Blocked Investment Account

Investment account
Blocked funds (2-5 years) for
an acquisition project and / or
real estate construction.

Pooled Funds

Pooled funds with others
members of the system, where anyone can
collect amounts in turn
to achieve dream projects (purchase
and / or house construction).

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